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Mirror Mirror

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Within 6 months of this blog, the purpose of it has changed 3 times. Ana. Fitspo. Ana again. I just don't know who I am. I keep trying to find myself, but every road leads to food and scales. Ana is always holding my hand and pulling me down her roads. She is always there for me. Friends and boyfriends have always come and gone, but she has always stood right beside me.

So to all of my followers: I am sorry for the changes. I know I have been pretty confusing.

And to all of my new followers: This IS an Ana blog. I don't wish that people become like me or have an eating disorder - I simply support those who do. I realize how hard it is to overcome.

So that's that... Welcome to my blog. I'm hoping this is who I truly am.

6/20/12 Food Diary.

Lunch: Honey Wheat Bread (1 piece) - 60

          Extra Lean Ham (4 pieces) - 96

Dinner: Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Breast - 205

Failure: Cookies N Cream (1/2 cup) - 180

Exercise: Rollerblading - approx. 200

             Elliptical Training - 320

Net calories - 21

Kind of failed with the ice cream :(

— 2 years ago
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6/19/12 Food Diary.

Breakfast: Nothing

Lunch: Extra lean Ham Lunch Meat (3 pieces) - 72

          Cheese (1/2 slice) - 30

          Honey Wheat Bread (1 slice) - 60

                 Total = 162

Dinner: Same as lunch - 162

           Apple slices (12) - 45

                  Total = 207

Exercise - 10 minute mile (1) - 111

               Elliptical (30 minutes) - 300

               Abs, legs, and arm exercises - unknown

Net calories: -42

— 2 years ago with 1 note
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